SKSFA offers Vocational Training


  • Practical Training in Professional Bharatanatyam & Advanced Teacher’s Training.
  • Advanced Training In Thalam and Nattuvangam.
  • Provides Various Stage Platforms to Enhance the Skills. Provides Various Workshops n Seminars to Elevate Understanding of This Art.
  • Professional Diploma Courses, B.F.A (Bachelors of Fine Arts from a Reputed University) & M.F.A (Masters of Fine Arts from a Reputed University).
  • Proud Member of Abhai (Association for Bharatanatyam Dancers All over India).
  • Proud Member of Prayathnam (Institute Conducting Dance Exams All Over India and Abroad).

Poor & Orphanages

To provide a platform for all performing ARTS. To arrange training camps and workshops by famous ARTISTS and EXPERTS involved in the respective forms of performing Arts to create interest and motivate the younger generation. Takeover or acquire and maintain and manage Poor children’s and orphanages. To increase employment opportunities for urban/rural people by providing opportunities for them to improve their employability and self-employment opportunities by giving proper training and developing their talents and skills. SKSFA TURNING @ 2024 SKSFA Starts Soon @ Kuchipudi l Kathakali l Mohiniyattam l Vocal l Instrumental

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